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Bug: Strongly-typed class for resx file is not updated


I've just intalled ResourceRefactoringTool to localize some previously hardcoded strings. I've created nex .resx file (using RRT dialog) and added about 10 strings, it worked like a charm. But today I came back to it and wanted to add one more string I missed. The string appeared in Messages.resx and the original string was preplace by refernece to Messages.STRING class member, but unfortunately it did not generated code in that class. I have not edited the class manually and always answered "Yes to all" when visual studio asked me to reload file (because it was changed outside, since I suppose RRT executed ResGen or some other external tool and this answer workd for me in the past).
It seemed to me, that this appeared when I added another version of resx file (Messages.cs-CZ.resx -- localized string into Czech), well I tried to delete it again (with one class member missing, since i did not reverted the changes) and tried to add another string. The string that was missing before appeared in the class, but the new one (that one I just tried to add) did not.
It seems like a bug to me, but not sure where (I'm not very familiar with VS architecture, since I don't use it very ofte for work). If you need any other info, I'll be glad to make some effort to it.
I'm using VS2008 Pro SP1 and C# language.


laskal wrote Oct 2, 2009 at 6:48 PM

Since it is some time that I have reported this issue, noone bothered to look at it. It would be nice to take a look, since the tool is completely useless.

Anyway, I want to confirm, what I have suspected. I have reinstalled visual studio (since I now have new computer) and started to work on the project again. I have actually started to localize another file with a LOT of texts. Everything's fine, I have added a few dozen items and then created a cs-CZ alternative. Then, I've found out that I have forgotten to externalize a few more strings. None of them added entry to the class. This all with up-to-date RRT and VS2008 Pro.

I'd really like someone to look at it, since, as I have said before, it makes this tool useless (at least for me) after the initial stage. And you can imagine how annoying it can be to make 10 or 20 entries manually. Tha't why I have this tool, right?

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