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by zbarjevsky
Feb 15, 2011
2:32 PM

Being evaluated

Made main tool dialog resizable.


by Dzonny
Dec 6, 2009
9:49 PM

Being evaluated

This patch adds Visual Studio 2010 support. It also includes my previous patch ID 1905.
With exception of changes made to patch 1905 no changes have been made to source code.
Only few definitions have been added for Visual Studio 2010. (2005 and 2008) have not been removed.
Installer have been reworked to be WiX 3.5 Visual Studio 10 project. Solution and projects have been converted to Visual Studio 2010.
No unit tests have been run, no intensive testing have been done. I've just installed it under VS 2010 Beta 2 and it seems to work.

If you don't want to deel with XML-based patch you can download MSI installer and source code from


by Dzonny
Oct 4, 2008
10:05 PM

Being evaluated

Changes valid resource files filter, so that all files with Build Action = Embedded Resource and extension .resx are considered valid. This allows developers to use any custom tool they want (i.e. public resources tool which comes with VS2008 or excellent ResXFileCodeGeneratorEx). Disadvantage of this solution may be (for somebody) that also localized .resx files are shown in Extract to resource dialog.

Note: If you are using third-party (or your own) custom tool you should make sure that it generates properties with same names as Microsoft generators does. Otherwise you will get errors in your code because Resource-Refactoring-Tool-generated property accesses will be invalid. This is probably why #12565 was closed without resolving. But is does not explain why is there #16772.



by logikonline
Sep 9, 2007
6:02 PM

Being evaluated

Added inline string refactoring of variables within requested string
Refactor variables (with append string to beginning of variable)
Added satelitte assembly refactoring for multiple projects within a solution (Only applicable with override enabled)
Override the inserted string for custom declarations
Resource comment added
Auto Number option - for building new resources (pads numeric field with 10 0's)
Updated the Save settings to handle additional savings.



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