ResEx - The composite, translation friendly .NET Resource editor

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Jul 8, 2007 at 9:19 AM
I have just released version 1.00 of ResEx, the composite, translation friendly .NET Resource editor. ResEx has been in beta version for some months to ensure some level of quality in the implementation of supported features. Here is a quick list of feature supported:
  • Translate values side by side (just like the old time classic VB6 resource editor)
  • Lock specific strings so that translator does not translate them
  • Restrict length of translating strings
  • Ensure correct translation of strings with placeholders {0} {1} ...
  • Warnings about shortcut characters (string containing &)
  • View resource strings in tree form
  • Translate resources without Visual Studio IDE
  • Search inside resource files while translating
You can download ResEx from this url
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